Best pick up lines on Tinder for a guy in 2020.

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Hey, welcome to another blog post about dating-apps! My name is James Langton, I was on the official Tinder Top 30 most 'Right-Swiped' list of 2019.

I am the founder of Dater Help, a service where I improve your dating-app profile for more matches and dates, by selecting + retouching your photos and writing you a highly personal bio. I also offer dating-app coaching via Zoom.

Here are the best pick up lines for Tinder in 2020...

I feel this is a slight clickbait because what I am about to suggest is slightly different from what you will usually find when it comes to Tinder advice.

Chat-up lines are really outdated when it comes to speaking with someone you find attractive because they go back to times even before the internet and approaching someone in a bar, who most likely had 0 interest in you.

This is 2020 (which also happens to be the craziest year ever) and chat-up lines are still outdated, let's scrap them completely. Right here, right now.

Here's why...