What is Tinder Shadowban + How to remove it

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

So you’ve just Google searched “Why am I not getting matches on Tinder?” or “What is a Tinder Shadowban?”

You’re in the right place if you want to find out what a shadowban is on Tinder + how to remove it!

Hey, my name is James Langton, I was on the official Tinder top 30 most 'Right-Swiped on the platform. I am the founder of Dater Help. I offer profile enhancement and dating-app coaching.

Whatever problem you are having on dating-apps; not enough matches, getting ghosted, or needing help creating an amazing profile, I can help!

First, it’s important that I tell you simply deleting the app/deleting your account, and then setting up a new account with the same phone number or Facebook profile is a sure way to get banned completely - don’t do it! 

The video about what a Tinder Shadowban I made can be viewed here:

Now it’s time for me to tell you how to remove the shadowban…

Let’s think about what info Tinder has about you:

. Your Facebook/Instagram/Spotify details

. Your phone number

. Your purchase history

. Your IP address

. Your photos 

That’s a lot of data about you that they store! 

Before you go any further with this tutorial, think about why you could have been shadowbanned? Always be kind and considerate on dating apps, making sure to not put yourself or another user in danger. 

Step 1:

. Open the Tinder app and hit ‘Settings’

. Go to the bottom and tap ‘Delete Account’

. Delete the app from your phone

Step 2: 

. If your account is linked, head to your Facebook profile

. Go to the ‘Settings’ page

. Tap ‘Apps and Websites’ 

. Find ‘Tinder’ and tap ‘Remove’ 

Step 3:

. Put a new sim card in your phone, not the one that you previously used with your old account. You only need to do this for registering the account, you can put your old one back in when you’ve registered your account. 

4. Download Tinder