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Not sure what to say on dating-app messages? We’ll tell you. 

This service is provided by James Langton, Tinder's official top 30 most ‘right-swiped’ Male. 


How does the service work? 

1. Print screen your dating-app conversation or profile of your match.

2. Tell us what you’re looking to achieve from speaking with this profile. 

3. Purchase the service.  

4. We’ll respond within 12 hours via email with how you should respond for your desired results. The service is live for 1 week from our first response. We'll send up to 30 messages in those 7 days. 


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Admission fee for this service is £25 ($33)

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Dater Help reviews

Adrian Kennedy

James is very friendly and helpful to work with. My dating skills have improved and he has helped me to understand how to use dating apps more effectively. Highly recommend if you’re struggling with your online dating!


Andrew Taylor

James is super down to earth and understands the plight of modern dating. Recommended.



James helped me with my online dating profile. In particular, the selection of pictures helped me to increase the number of matches significantly! Very good coach!