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Creating the perfect Dating App profile

James Langton was on Tinder's official most 'Right-Swiped' list, and he'll help you gain more matches, better conversations and more dates on all dating-apps. 


Who is James?

“I was contacted directly by Tinder and Cosmopolitan, informing me that I was one of the most ‘right-swiped’ in the UK. I featured in their magazine, blog posts, and all major media platforms.


I soon after created Dater Help; a service to help users get more matches, dates, and create meaningful relationships via dating apps.” One profile at a time – James Langton, Founder. Tinder top 30

We select + retouch your photos and write you a new high converting bio.

1. We send you a questionnaire asking you about your previous dating-app experiences and it gives you a chance to tell us about your personality and interests. You also send us your photos. 


2. We select and retouch your photos + write you a new bio, within 48hrs, which is packed with information a potential match will be interested to know. 

78% report organising more dates with their new profile

79% report better conversations with their matches

83% report more matches on their chosen dating-app 



"James is very good at taking the best aspects of a person and masterfully presenting them for a dating profile. I am very happy with how my dating profile came out."


Client testimonials

Adrian Kennedy

James is very friendly and helpful to work with. My dating skills have improved and he has helped me to understand how to use dating apps more effectively. Highly recommend if you’re struggling with your online dating!


Andrew Taylor

James is super down to earth and understands the plight of modern dating. Recommended.



James helped me with my online dating profile. In particular, the selection of pictures helped me to increase the number of matches significantly! Very good coach!

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